Tips on how to use the brand new Instagram Map Characteristic? (+ Technique Suggestions)

Think of the Instagram map feature as a new search page … on a map.

It’s like “Google Map”, but on Instagram with photos, videos, Instagram stories from other people and companies.

You see what’s around you:

  • Any good cafes?
  • Restaurants?
  • Bars?
  • Small businesses?
  • Hotels?
  • Hair stylists?
  • Dentists?

You will see current photos of the place, the food and the products. Is the hotel really serious? In good condition? Is the food good How does it look like? What are people saying

And you can even search for very specific things.

For example, let’s say you are craving an acai bowl right now.

You can type in “acai bowl” and see where the cafes that sell acai bowls are near you.

Pretty cool right?

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