Tips on how to Promote Extra on Instagram in 2024

As we quickly approach the New Year, have you caught yourself wondering how you can sell more on Instagram in 2024? Stick around because we’re delving into tips that can significantly impact your success on Instagram. 

By the end of this blog post, you’ll have a solid game plan to sell more on Instagram in the upcoming year. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, these insights will help get your message out in the world!

What’s in this blog post:

First Key Strategy To Sell More This Year

Let’s dive into the first key strategy—posting with the right messaging and keywords. This is foundational, and so important. Why? Because the words you choose can either invite your audience in and get them to see your posts, or leave them scrolling past. Because crafting compelling posts and using strategic keywords isn’t just about visibility; it’s about building a connection.

Having clear messaging is paramount. When you’re posting, your audience should immediately understand what you do and how it benefits them to follow. Don’t leave room for confusion. Your messaging is like a roadmap for your audience—show them the path from problem to solution. 

Consistency in the language you use is key. Whether you’re a product-based business or a service provider, presenting yourself clearly is crucial. It builds trust, and trust leads to conversions.

People who are just starting to get to know your business or deciding if they should follow you need to understand what they get from sticking around. I talk to clients from our PRO program all the time about it.  If you are feeling repetitive in your content but you are getting good reach, it most likely means you are doing things right.

It’s so important to use words that your client would use to describe how they identify themselves, what they want, and their pain points.

Posting with the right messaging and keywords is not just about what you say, but how you say it. Craft your messages with clarity and consistency and your audience can grow.

Second Key Strategy For Instagram Sales (and trust)

Now, let’s get into the second key strategy—consistency and scheduling. We’ve said that consistency is key with your messaging – but it’s also important to stay consistent with your posting schedule. Consistency gives your audience the chance to connect with your business, and YOU, over time.

Building trust is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes multiple encounters for someone to decide to follow your account, let alone become a paying customer. Your audience needs to trust that your content is valuable and consistent. That’s why posting consistently is important – it’s a trust-building exercise.

That trust-building process starts with really visible and staying top of mind. People need to see your content repeatedly to build that familiarity. 

One way you can make this possible is by batching your social media posts. Block off dedicated time on your calendar, and create a week or two worth of content in one go. This not only prevents burnout from trying to create content daily but also ensures consistency.

Once you have that batch of content, scheduling tools become your best friend. Schedule your posts in advance so that your content is consistently delivered to your audience. It will help you maintain a steady presence without distraction.

Keep an eye out, we have a new video and blog on scheduling your Instagram posts (for free)!

Third Essential Element to Turn Followers Into Customers

Moving on to an essential element to remember while moving into the New Year of content —always checking your posts for both Hooks and CTAs. If you haven’t heard us explain this before, the hook is that attention-grabbing text at the beginning of a post. It’s the make-or-break moment, the split-second decision for your viewer to keep scrolling or engage with your content.

The other important element for every post is a CTA. It’s essential to guide your audience’s steps on what to do next. Whether it’s asking them to like a post, leave a comment, save your post, or sign up for something, being clear ensures your viewers take the desired action. Confusion leads to inaction, so don’t let that happen.

Free resources all about CTAs and Hooks:

So let’s recap how you’re going to sell more on Instagram, going into 2024 confidently and CONSISTENTLY:

  • Posting with the right messaging and keywords
  • Batching and scheduling your posts so you are showing up on Instagram consistently and often
  • Include Hooks on all of your posts
  • And choose a clear CTAs so your audience takes action

Remember, big growth doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t happen randomly. It’s very intentional. It takes showing up, consistently.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Now, before you go, if you’re ready for more valuable actions to keep growing your Instagram business in the New Year, we have a New and Improved Instagram Strategy Guide for you!

It’s totally FREE to download and you’ll discover how to turn more followers into buyers faster. This guide will help you make Instagram your most successful place to market your business! Download it here!

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