TikTok’s no recoil PPSH Warzone loadout is ideal for Rebirth Island

A recoilless PPSh-41 Warzone loadout has made the rounds on TikTok, astounding players with its ability to mitigate the kick of one of Call of Duty’s most notorious weapons.

Warzone’s continued popularity has led it to dominate many online platforms, including Twitch and YouTube. Surprisingly, however, it has had huge success on TikTok – the video-sharing platform known for its short-form content.

We saw great highlight videos on TikTok, but it has also become a base for creators to share their ideal loadouts.

One such video is from ‘ttvzyro’ demonstrating its recoilless PPSh-41 class to dominate Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

Treyarch / ActivisionThe PPSh-41 fell in Warzone after coming to BOCW Season 3.

TikTok’s recoilless PPSh-41 loadout

  • Snout: Noise suppressor
  • Barrel: 14.9 ″ ranger
  • Laser: Tiger team in the spotlight
  • Ammunition: Spetsnaz 71 rnd drum
  • Share: Spetsnaz PKM share

Although known in the CoD community for its high rate of fire, incredible damage, and moderate recoil, Zyros Loadout minimizes the kick of the weapon, allowing players to laser enemies at both medium range and close range.

The selected attachments also silence the gun, which means players can run and shoot without worrying about leaving marks.

They will slow down your ADS speed and some movement speeds, but players should be able to start precise fire with no issues.

@ ttvzyro * NO RECOIL PPSH META? PEEP THE GLIDESPOT😳 * class @ the end! ## warzone ## warzoneclips ## tiktokgaming ## callofduty ♬ Dear Nwantiti (Dance Ver) – FYP🖤

The loadout received a lot of positive feedback on TikTok, with Zyro’s Highlights video getting a whopping 140,000 likes at the time of writing.

We recommend that you stop by Rebirth Island first to try it out and get used to it before you get to Verdansk and encounter enemies at greater distances.

However, if Zyros Loadout isn’t for you, you can try our recommended class setup for the Black Ops Cold War SMG.

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