TikTok’s Hilarious Response To This Leftover Pumpkin Pie Hack

As is often the case on social media, commentators aren’t afraid to share their opinion. Whether they’re annoyed by a pasta hack in the dorm room or obsessed with Emily Mariko’s salmon rice bowl, TikTok users are quick to reveal what they think of new food trends. So what’s the verdict on how to consume leftover pumpkin pie?

Well, many commentators just seemed puzzled by the very concept of the leftover pumpkin pie. One top comment on Lourdes’ video that featured an entire leftover cake said, “I’ve never heard of leftover pumpkin pie …” while another comment that received thousands of likes simply said, “Leftovers? That wasn’t even touched. “However, if you have an extra cake of any flavor lying around, you might enjoy the mince (especially if it’s crumbling in oreos like Lourdes suggested). Otherwise, you can always keep it simple and just enjoy a slice with lots of whipped cream the next day.

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