TikTok’s Engaged on a New, Decide-In Perform to Present You Who Considered Your Profile

I’m not exactly sure what value this might bring, but TikTok is reportedly working on bringing back the option to see who’s viewed your profile on the app in the last 30 days, which would bring more transparency into user interest .

As you can see in these screenshots discovered by app researcher Kev Adriano (and shared by Matt Navarra), TikTok appears to be testing an opt-in feature that will allow you to see who is checking out your TikTok profile, while users would also have this feature enabled, you can also see when you checked out their profile.

What TikTok used to have to increase connections in the app.

Notification about TikTok profile views

As you can see here, TikTok previously provided a list of people who have reviewed your profile to help you find others to follow who may have similar interests in common. TikTok removed the functionality early last year amid various investigations into its data-sharing processes, and with several high-profile cases involving TikTok stalkers causing real-world problems for platform stars, it made sense that it might not want to share that information anymore. as it is likely to only increase the anxiety of those who have concerns.

But I’m guessing if stalkers wanted to check your profile they wouldn’t enable the feature, so maybe enabling it reduces that element? Could be.

I don’t know, I don’t see much value here, and while I can understand how this kind of awareness at the start of an app can help increase network connections, I’m not sure there’s any real value for TikTok, except giving insight into who is poking around and likely increasing concerns about certain people who keep coming back to check your profile.

Maybe it’s beneficial for aspiring influencers to reach out to potential collaborators who’ve looked at their stuff, or maybe it works for contacts if they want to use TikTok for that, which is why the opt-in element is so important.

But much like the same feature on LinkedIn, it seems pretty much useless most of the time. I mean, it’s kind of interesting to know that someone from a company you’d like to work for checked out your profile, but if so, and they didn’t feel obligated to reach out, who really cares?

There is a limited value proposition here, as reaching out to people who have reviewed your profile could lead to a business relationship, similar to the note on potential collaborators on TikTok above. However, I’d be interested to know what the actual percentage of successful contacts are based on these insights.

I can’t imagine it’s very high – but maybe there’s some value in giving users a choice and letting them explicitly opt-in.

Seems to be stalker tracking to me and potential fear and conflict as a result.

There is no official word from TikTok as to whether this option will ever be released at this time.

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