TikTok’s Director Of Artist Partnerships Talks Variety, Peer Mentorship, And How Her Latinidad Has Influenced Her Profession

Isabel Quinteros from TikTok

Martin Salgo


In her current role as TikTok Artist Partnerships Director, Isabel Quinteros can bring two of her passions together – creativity and promoting diversity. She helped launch TikTok viral campaigns for songs like “Savage” and “Blinding Lights,” while also co-directing Creator Growth Opportunities. For example, TikTok’s Make Black History Creator Summit brought 150 Creator together for a three-day summit to both celebrate black history and provide creatorn mentoring and opportunities.

“It is important to prioritize diversity because it brings together different ideas and perspectives where people can learn from each other,” explains Quinteros. “I believe that working in a diverse environment opens up dialogue and really promotes creativity.”

Raised in Guatemala and emigrated to the United States at the beginning of her career, Quinteros understands how transforming it can be when someone extends a welcoming hand that emphasizes the value one has in living in certain spaces.

“As an immigrant, I didn’t know anyone when I moved to the US, so I always tried to meet different people in different industries and network,” says Quinteros.


“In all honesty, I was fortunate enough to start my career with some incredible industry veterans like Chris Chambers who had great clients like Erika Baidu, Kelly Roland, Solange, Ciara, Future, Lupe Fiasco and others. There I was able to see how you recognize an aspiring artist and transform it into a cultural moment. ”

Today, Quinteros is one of the mobilizing forces to bring more artists to TikTok’s platform and understands that their role is just the beginning to inclusive and celebrate diversity on the platform and in the industry.

“I spend a lot of time working with the artist community to give them the tools to be successful on the platform,” notes Quinteros. “Now that I can, I’m very passionate about opening up opportunities for others.”


Below, Quinteros shares some insights for those looking to pursue similar career paths.

Immerse yourself in what makes you unique

“My Latinidad has always steered my career towards opportunities that allow me to celebrate diversity and culture,” explains Quinteros. “I know firsthand how hard it can be to get through sometimes, and I want to use my platform and voice to uplift others with me.”

Celebrating your own beginnings and the path that got you where you are can add how you will help the next generation.

Quinteros expanded her role at TikTok:


“I have played an active role in developing initiatives like TikTok for Black Creatives, a first of its kind incubator program that aims to invest in and support emerging black creators and music artists on the platform. The program selected 100 YouTubers to participate in a 12-week program to turn their creativity into professions. We hope to expand this to other different groups in the near future. Additionally, I was part of the team that brought LatinX Heritage Month programming to TikTok and introduced our users to Spanish content with iconic Latinx talents like Thalia, Luis Fonsi and Sebastian Yatra. And also helped plan our #CasaTikTok, a virtual summit meeting with 160 creators, where they heard people like George Lopez speak and had an intimate performance and Q&A with Becky G. ”

Practice asking the question

To get from your point A to your point B, you need to actively participate and express both your needs and your desires.

Quinteros recommends:

“Do not expect anything and be satisfied with nothing. Nobody will give you an opportunity that you don’t ask for and fight for if you really believe in it. I see so much passion, creativity and enthusiasm in the younger generations, it gives me new energy every day and makes my job even more pleasant and exciting. ”


Collaboration is key

“Be tough, but take the time to celebrate every victory, even if it’s small,” suggests Quinteros. “Remember, collaboration is the key, you can’t do everything on your own. Setbacks are meant to be learning experiences, so don’t get too fixated on them. Press the reset button and keep it moving. And above all, stay true to yourself, because you are your best asset. ”

Lean into peer mentoring

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a traditional ‘mentor’ in my career,” says Quinteros. “Instead, over the years, I have found mentors through career discussions with colleagues and friends. For this reason, it is important to surround yourself with like-minded people who are striving for success. This is where the real mentorship lies. ”

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people can also be a mastermind of people who can pressurize ideas and encourage you to keep going when the road gets bumpy.

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