TikTok video reveals boy abusing McDonald’s employees

A boy’s McDonald’s meltdown went viral after he was filmed throwing a drink at a McCafe worker.

The boy was captured on TikTok while throwing a drink at a McCafe employee who was apparently trying to calm him down at a Thompson Lakes McDonald’s south of Perth.

He walks away and then throws his cup at her.

The video shows the boy barefoot on a counter. An employee, possibly the same one he threw the drink at, is watching.

The boy terrorizes a McDonald’s employee before a man takes him away. Source: Instagram / _mote64

A man grabs the boy by the shirt and pulls him off the bench.

Then he escorts the boy out of the restaurant and the boy falls to the floor as he walks through the glass door.

It’s not clear where it was filmed, but it got widespread on Australian social media. It is also not clear whether the man who removed the boy is a relative.

Shock over Macca’s tantrum

On Facebook, viewers were shocked by the child’s tantrum.

“You best believe that if the guys ever did this somewhere, I’ll drag them and throw them in the car,” wrote one woman.

Others called him “disrespectful” and asked, “How hard can it be to respect your elders?”

“I would hate being that kid,” wrote one man.

A McDonald’s spokesman told Yahoo News Australia that the restaurant “does not tolerate any anti-social behavior” in Macca’s stores.

“The safety of our employees and our customers is our top priority,” they said.

The WA police were asked for comment.

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