TikTok video goes viral after school pupil checks in pool noodle for Tampa flight

TAMPA (WFLA) – Sydney Fowls went viral after a series of TikTok videos explaining how she used Southwest Airline’s fly-free policy for two bags to win a $ 20 bet.

According to the education student, Fowls was flying from Ohio to Tampa when she was checking in a pool noodle on a flight from Columbus.

The college student documented her pool noodle’s journey from check-in to baggage claim and created an adorable TikTok video that received nearly 11 million views.

The Ohio native’s viral video was picked up by Southwest employees who caught up with the joke and republished Fowls’ TikTok on his Twitter account.

In a separate TikTok video, Fowls outlined the reasons she decided to do the stunt.

“It was a $ 20 bet !! As a broke college student majoring in education … I just couldn’t resist, “she said.

“I didn’t have to pay to bring my noodles,” she said as reason number two, along with a screenshot of the Southwest website outlining the two-bag no-fly policy.

The final reason was accompanied by a photo of pool noodles selling at a whopping $ 228 in a Tampa Walmart.

Southwest reached out to Syndey after the video went viral and loved the video so much that they gave her a Southwest branded pool noodle in the middle of Tampa International Airport.

“The great Southwest staff filled the baggage claim area with pool noodles and beach balls to show their appreciation and say it made their day,” said Fowles.

Sydney says the trip will forever be unforgettable.

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