TikTok video captures second US lady spots man’s creepy behaviour in gymnasium mirror

A fitness influencer went viral after sharing the vision of the moment she noticed a man appeared to be taking a picture of her workout.

Julia or Juliaapic shared the video of the incident that occurred in January this week on TikTok.

In the clip seen in the video player aboveJulia can be seen in front of the gym mirror when she lifts a weighted plate with her leg.

Then she notices that an unknown man enters the frame and walks around in the background before crouching down briefly and pointing his phone towards the mirror, and Julia.

“I honestly wanted to post this when it happened, but it was a bit too sensitive at the time,” she wrote.

A fitness influencer went viral after sharing a video showing a man acting weird. Image credit: juliaapic/.Tick ​​tock

“Really curious what you guys think.”

The video has been viewed more than 15.5 million times since then.

“I was too scared”

While most believed that the man “absolutely” took a picture of her, Julia was forced to bring up hundreds of comments stating that she should have reported the incident to the gym staff.

“I honestly didn’t want to report him at first because I was too scared,” she said in a follow-up video.

“I didn’t want to make a scene and I wasn’t 100 percent sure what happened.

“But then I saw him looking at the girl on the machine next to me and I (thought) if he did this to her, I would hate myself for not saying anything.”

Julia said she told the staff who then confronted the man, adding, “He got angry and left.”

“Then he came back to tell the staff he was crazy and I just tried not to watch because I was extremely uncomfortable.”

She said the staff “put a note on his account” but she has not been to the gym since.

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