#TIKTOK: TikToker Claims Magnificence Development Can “Brainwash Males…” however does it? | 98.5 The Cat

A new beauty trend is going viral on TikTok because not only does it change the way you look, but some users claim it can brainwash men into falling in love with you. Known as the “White Dots” trend or “Four-Eyes Point Trick”, TikToker Michelle Diaz helped it grow in popularity, she says the liquid eyeliner trick “can make any man fall in love”.

In one Video, Diaz gives a tutorial on how to do the four-eyes white point trend:

● Apply makeup as usual

● Carefully dab four points around each eye with a white liquid liner: one on the inner corner of the eye, one on the outer corner of the eye, one in the middle between the eyelid and the eyebrow and one in the eye area below the lower lash line.

Many TikTokers have tried their white liquid liner, including Christythat flaunts the look all in one Video and says that it “definitely works” and that she has “received an awful lot of compliments”. Several of her followers took to the comment section to share it was a hit for them too, as one who writes, “literally every man couldn’t stop looking at me”. But not all are convinced. TikToker @ sopita4sophia tried it and says it didn’t do anything for her. “Literally nothing happened LOL,” she tells her followers. “Don’t believe everything you see on TikTok, kids.”

Source: Neun.com

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