@TIKTOK: This PARODY of the DC+Clarendon #DATING SCENE is simply PERFECT! | 98.5 The Cat

Stop what you are doing and see this.

Almost everything this TIKTOK superstar @marks_picture_diary does is spot on. It’s a parody that basically mocks the DC dating scene for the 20-30 something set. The TIKTOK account was tuned to the music from SEX IN THE CITY and delivered in a way that mimics the HBO show which is now restarting.

Nobody is taboo. Not the consultant types. Not the ones trying to get reservations and posh restaurants through name dropping. Not the kids who wear the “Barbour Jackets” at Dacha, or the kids who rock the pink shorts from Vineyard Vines.

This guy gets it. And Washingtonian is getting insane props for revealing this amazing feed at such a great level!

It’s just … PERFECT!

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