TikTok thinks Olivia Rodrigo is likely to be releasing a Bitter sequel quickly

Olivia Rodrigo quickly proves that Taylor Swift’s influence can sometimes be both a blessing and a curse.

Take her debut album, Sour, which is peppered with the introspective lyric poetry that made Tay in the late ’00s such a revelation that only a Swiftie could skillfully navigate and then make himself. But another of Taylor’s time-honored trademarks of the pop star appears to have been osmosed absorbed by the diva of the driver’s license. the dreaded Easter egg.

Olivia herself has proven to be very adaptable as a student at the Taylor Swift School of Easter Egg Planting. So it’s no surprise that fans have speculated about the next steps.

According to TikTok user @codyjohnathan, a sour follow-up may be closer than we imagined.

Cody’s main theory rests on the fact that Olivia has previewed many songs as work-in-progress on her social media accounts over the past year. Some of these tracks were explicitly geared towards romance. Sour, of course, is basically the opposite of that – a recording that recalls the emotional consequences of a relationship in almost unbearable detail.

This means that Olivia may not only have scrapped some of the love heart emoji-like songs she wrote last year, but instead saved them for another project.

Another TikTok account, @gibbybender, took this theory and ran with it. She adds that a proposed second album called Sweet may already have been teased.

Gabby like a true Swiftie / private investigator has discovered an Easter egg why this might be so. One of the main partners Olivia worked with to promote Sour was the confectionery brand Sour Patch Kids in the US. The slogan on each of their boxes … “pissed off with sweet.”

You see what we mean by blessing and curse? Taylor would be very, very proud.

Of course, you might be too pissed off yourself and wonder why an artist would release a follow-up LP and usher in a new era once another has already begun … but that’s exactly what we thought before Evermore fell. And fearless (Taylor’s version). And…

For what it’s worth, Olivia herself has not made any confirmation of the existence of any new material beyond her debut. So make up your mind to believe what you want, but it looks like Sour isn’t getting a sequel yet. Until of course it is. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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