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As of late 2019, TikTok has taken the world by storm, with currently more than 700 million users creating and creating content. The app has grown from its lip-syncing origins to a hub for everything from amateur cooking shows and viral dance madness to obscure crafting lessons and passionate political commentators. And as with any mega-popular platform, businesses want to get in on the action and before all those engaged eyeballs.

As Global Head of Agency & Accounts at TikTok, Khartoon Weiss is responsible for overseeing the relationships between the platform, its stars and the advertising agencies experimenting in this area, as well as for the vision behind strategic brand partnerships. In Weisss’s eyes, the strength of the cultural powerhouse rests on a precedent of trust.

We have to give people space to feel their feelings. This isn’t a Millennial, Gen Z, or Gen X thing – it’s a human thing.

Weiss signs up to share the importance of vulnerability and multiculturalism in the company’s internal management approach, citing the youth who make up more than half of the TikTok fan base. She and Quartz CEO Zach Seward also discuss the valuable lessons TikTok executives can learn about what makes their own Generation Z employees tick.

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