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When the weather gets colder, there is little better than a nice hot bowl of soup.

I’ve always loved soups, but for years I stuck to the canned soups I microwaved and never felt like making a soup myself. Then I had a really terrible French onion soup from a chain restaurant a few months ago and knew I had to try it.

In the end I found a new favorite soup and great new recipes that will enrich my collection well.

A phenomenal French onion soup

Although I wanted to try making my own French onion soup after the horrific a few months ago, I got the idea that making French onion soup is incredibly difficult, so I put it off. Then a video popped up on my TikTok feed of someone creating one and I realized it wasn’t that difficult, just time consuming.

It was the green light that I needed.

So I went out to gather my supplies and found a night I could be home early to spend a few hours making it through. It took me about three hours in total, including the time I spent slicing half a dozen onions. While the recipe video taken from @foodsofnyc said it would take about 60-70 minutes to cook, I ended up spending about 75 minutes alone sautéing my onions to make sure they were perfect.

Robert's soup column

Here is the mostly ready-made French onion soup I made. I gave bread and cheese over it, but the pictures didn’t do it justice.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any baking dishes to serve the soup, but I had worked the bowls well enough. The important part was the taste, which I found great. Even my friend, a well-known soup hater (unless it’s the next soup we make) walked back for seconds.

If you have the time to make this soup I cannot recommend it enough. It was delicious, and by the time I tried the next recipe I thought I had hit the high point of the soup and it would only go downhill from then on no matter how good the others were. Despite my love of experimenting with different spice combinations, I stuck to the recipe for the most part and still loved it.

There’s a new favorite in town

As I mentioned above, my girlfriend is a well-known soup hater – unless we’re talking about potato soup.

I like potato soup too, but I never thought I’d like any other soup more than the French onion until I tried a recipe from @cheysingh. I’ve taken a little more liberties with this one compared to the last one by adding a bit of a soul spice mix that I have, some creole spice, no celery and skipping the bacon as I don’t eat meat. I also added more garlic than the recipe calls for, but that’s because I do that with everything I cook.

By this point, I had acquired some baking dishes from my father, who had ordered too many online, and served them with a little spring onion and grated cheddar cheese. I couldn’t stop with the first bite – it was that good. We ate the leftovers the next night and it was just as tasty as before. This was a home run recipe.

Robert's soup column

This potato soup recipe was a great recipe for all time.

In total, the soup took about an hour to prepare and cook and I will definitely be doing it again. If you read this on Sunday, I probably have already made it. And if you love soup, potatoes, or just want to try something new, this is a must-try.

Ridges pain

They say the hardest part about being the smartest person in the world is making everyone else seem stupid.

I, the guy who didn’t pre-grate my carrots and finely chop my broccoli before making a broccoli cheddar soup, can’t understand why. You know, I thought I could make the soup work and chop the broccoli and chop the carrots in the 10 minutes it takes the bottom to cook, but I grossly underestimated how much carrots and broccoli I need and how difficult that is Chopping carrots is.

Robert's soup column

This broccoli and cheddar was good, but definitely not my favorite of the four.

It took me about 10 minutes to shred and add the broccoli and another 10 or 15 minutes to shred carrots into the soup. I can tell you the cramp in my hand was no fun after that – not at all. Luckily, aside from the cramp, the only real problem that caused my lack of foresight was the slightly longer cooking time for the soup, which wasn’t a big deal.

The end product was good, but not nearly as good as the first two I made. Of the four I’ve made this is the fourth, but that doesn’t mean this recipe from @jacquegotmeat isn’t good.

A vegetarian beef stew

I may not eat meat anymore, but I loved beef stew growing up. Fortunately, most grocery stores have plant-based cuts of beef. When I got the idea for a column on soup, I knew I was going to have to eat a beef stew there.

The recipe I found uses real meat, but it’s an easy one-on-one substitute. I made some changes to this one though, namely replacing white wine with red, plant-based substitutes for everything and experimenting more with the spices than the previous ones. I didn’t use mushrooms either, although I can now say that mushrooms would have been a great addition to the dish. It’s still great without them, but as a mushroom lover, I’ll definitely add some next time.

Robert's soup column

In my next column, I’ll work on making food look appetizing, I promise.

I was a little worried about how this recipe would turn out since I wasn’t using real meat and I knew the cooking times would be quite different. I was also concerned about the flavors which led to my digging into a few different spices including this amazing soul food spice mix, creole spices, onion powder, strong on black pepper, cayenne, paprika, turmeric and I made my rice with it Sazón to bring everything together.

When I took my first bite of it, I put down my spoon and screamed how good it was in a more colorful way than I can tell here. It was so good. The taste was just amazing and I can’t recommend this recipe from @lifewithmarq enough. I would definitely recommend using red wine and some onion powder.

While I’m not sure if you can really compare it to the other soups, it was absolutely delicious and I will definitely be making it again.

As always, let me know if you’re cooking up any of these recipes or have a few recipes you’d like to share! I can be reached on social media @RobertsJCPress or by email at jroberts@johnsoncitypress.com. Happy Holidays everyone!FOR THE LATEST LATEST NEWS AND UPDATES DOWNLOAD THE JOHNSON CITY PRESS APP

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