TikTok Simply Dug Up Kim Kardashian’s Hilarious Previous IG Images

Fans miss “old Kim” as a viral TikTok account shares the star’s very first Instagram pics.

Do you remember as Kylie Jenner Did you receive the IG deep diving treatment? Now she is not alone! The same TikToker who dropped Kylie’s early photos just posted IG’s oldest pics Kim Kardashian‘s account – and the fans love it.

It’s not that Kim didn’t make an empire out of literally old selfies herself, so we’re guessing the star doesn’t mind people taking a stroll through their digital memory trail. Here are the photos floating around on TikTok today.

So many selfies

via TikTok

As you probably predicted, most of Kim’s TikTok montage of old pictures are Ariana-style selfies of the star sticking her tongue out or subtly operating the left side of her face. Notable entries in this category include the three images above that Kim captioned “Try This at Home,” “Good Night !!!” and “Wear Givenchy Today Today.”

The “Try this at home” heavy contour mail is from September 4th 2012. You know what, Kim? MANY PEOPLE have tried this at home. Cue nearly a whole decade of Kardashian contouring and multiple Kardashian makeup lines. They really sold this look …

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Fangirling at celebrity encounters

via TikTok

Before Kim was a legitimate billionaire, she posed for photos with some icons from the mid-00s. Check out their cheesy fan moments! Oh.

The grainy shots of her bending over with Hulk Hogan and smiling expressionlessly with Nicki Minaj are too cute to handle – and don’t look like the polished, pouting pictures she posts on her social networks these days. However, fans love the former smiley Kim!

“The top comment on TikTok is” Old Kim> New Kim, “with another adding,” I love all the really blurry photos that were obviously taken on an old iPhone. “

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Nice family setbacks

via TikTok

Along with a post by her and her mother titled “Like mother like daughter”, the rest of the old IG pictures of Kim show herself posing with her famous family. From the shot of her and Kylie giving peace signs in a private plane (pictured above) to the group shot of Kylie’s 15th full of family-friendly fun.

I mean, we saw it on ‘KUWTK’ anyway, but it’s a sweet memory! Especially given the tense family times she’s been facing lately.

To end it all, let’s have Kim’s very first IG pic:

Kim Kardashian's first Instagram post

via TikTok

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