TikTok reveals wild Jetblue masks dispute inflicting 3-hour aircraft delay

What a mask hole.

A headstrong passenger reportedly caused a three-hour flight delay after repeatedly refusing to wear a mask, which eventually resulted in her being arrested and rolled off the plane. A video of the incident has garnered 1.2 million views on TikTok since it was uploaded late last month.

Freelance journalist and former Fox23 reporter Brooklyn DeGumbia recorded the annoying incident on a flight from West Palm Beach, Florida to Hartford, Connecticut on Aug. 24, the Daily Dot reported.

The incriminating footage entitled “JetBlue is not playing” begins with the police escorting a woman in a wheelchair through the airport. It then “flashes” back on an offensive interaction that allegedly led to their arrest, which reportedly began after the passenger sat down without a mask, DeGumbia told the Daily Dot. The flight attendant asked her to pull it up, whereupon the uncooperative flyer said she “cannot wear it because she is nervous and this is her first time flying alone”.

The footage shows the nameless passenger, whose face is covered by a digitally upside-down smiley, arguing with two employees and a police officer on board the aircraft about her refusal to put on her face covering.

A TikTok user recorded the wild mask argument that resulted in the plane being delayed for three hours and resulting in the stubborn passenger being arrested and rolled off the plane.Brooklyn DeGumbia

“You want to make it difficult, we make it difficult for you,” says a member of the flight crew with a safety vest and threatens to get everyone off the plane (a threat that she later carried out).

The anti-masker keeps saying, “But I didn’t do anything wrong,” adding that her “daughter is going to college” as an obvious excuse for her behavior.

The clip then cuts into an in-flight announcement stating that passengers who fail to comply will be “removed from the aircraft and / or penalized under federal law.”

The in-flight fiasco reportedly lasted about 90 minutes after the flight attendant first approached the passenger about her mask forcing everyone to disembark and the mask hole’s refusal to leave the plane after the flight attendant told her had instructed to do so.

Meanwhile, DeGumbia reported in a follow-up clip that the passenger’s antics resulted in their plane being three hours late, which torpedoed their plans to arrive in New York that night.

Suffice it to say, the anti-masker’s behavior didn’t go well with the peanut gallery it left to the ruthless passenger on TikTok.

“It’s unbelievable that these people are wasting everyone’s time,” lamented one critic.

Another wrote that punishing the passenger “is exactly what should be done EVERY time without delay – on any airline”.

Not all were taking the video at face value, however, and some TikTok skeptics accused DeGumbia of blurring the annoying flyer’s face to hide the fact that she was masked. In fact, the footage shows another passenger next to the videographer filming the exchange in a smartphone video showing the supposed anti-masker with a blue disposable face mask.

In the follow-up video, DeGumbia explains that if the flight attendant told her to do so, the passenger would pull up her mask and then pull it back down after passing by.

When she was arrested for her PSA kaboo tactics, the Bozo claimed she was on her period, DeGumbia said.

The videographer ended the video with a helpful tip: “Don’t play with the TSA, don’t be like this woman, be safe.”

This isn’t the first time an anti-masker has caused a stir. A Southwest Airlines passenger was arrested in May for beating a flight attendant and breaking two teeth after telling the flyer to put on a mask. She has since been charged with double bodily harm resulting in serious bodily harm and impairment to flight crew members and attendants.

JetBlue and DeGumbia representatives did not immediately contact The Post to confirm the incident.

The onboard fiasco occurred on August 24 on a JetBlue flight from Palm Beach, Florida to Hartford, Connecticut.The onboard fiasco occurred on August 24 on a JetBlue flight from Palm Beach, Florida to Hartford, Connecticut.GC images

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