TikTok quick format spreads to YouTube

Some YouTube creators are finding an extra button on their YouTube app this week. This new button is quite large and comes with a camera-like icon and a music icon. This suggests that users can leverage the collaborative capabilities of the platform. The button allows the user to create a 15 second short video.

This system allows users to create a 15 second short form video without ever leaving the screen they found the video on (with the song they like). When the user taps the button, the app opens the user’s camera and the user records a video with the music playing in the video.

This feature also allows users to import videos from their gallery. Similar to TikTok and similar platforms, this media capture program allows users to edit the media they have created immediately after capture.

Shorts can be captured and saved, captured and edited and saved, captured and instantly uploaded, and so on. Users who have access to this button in early tests suggest that they can change the music they are working with within the editing sequence.

In the editing area of ​​the workflow, YouTube allows users to add text to their video. It’s hard to imagine that this capture and editing system wasn’t directly inspired by the success of the TikTok social network. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen such inspiration.

If you can see this Create button in your YouTube app, please let us know! UPDATE: It appears that the users who have access are grouped in and around India. According to Android Police, this new “Create” button is “only available to YouTube users in India”. If you’ve seen the button and live outside of India, get in touch!

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