TikTok Posts From Bourne College Committee Member Draw Requires Resignation – NBC Boston

A member of the Bourne, Massachusetts school committee comes under fire after posting controversial videos and memes on TikTok.

Kari MacRae’s account is no longer public, but screenshots and videos have been made available to NBC10 Boston by teachers and parents. In the posts, she makes controversial comments on racism education and gender identification.

“I was horrified,” said Alexandra Caldwell, a teacher at a Bourne elementary school.

Caldwell is a member of the LGBTQ community and the parent of a 9 year old boy who is transgender.

“We were so blessed that his teacher treated this in an affirmative way, and to think that Kari MacRae has teachers who don’t is terrifying to us,” said Caldwell.

Caldwell, the Bourne Educators Association, and others convened a school committee meeting this week to call for their resignation. At the meeting, MacRae said she would not resign and said she felt unjustifiably targeted because of her political views.

Reached by phone, MacRae said she did not want to comment at the time. Several school committee members told NBC10 Boston that they apologized during a board meeting.

“It’s not a right or left problem. It’s not a political issue,” said Paul McMaster, vice chair of the school committee.

McMaster said even if they wanted to, the school committee wouldn’t have the power to challenge them.

“People are only added or removed by voters in town, so it would have to be a special election or not,” McMaster said.

At the moment, he and the headmaster said all they could do was try to make sure that all schools in Bourne were still in a welcoming environment.

“We have a responsibility to ensure that our students know that we are allies who believe in and value every child,” said Superintendent Kerri Quinlan-Zho.

Many in the church said they would like to do something else.

“Even if she steps back, even if we can get her out, that damage will be done,” said Caldwell.

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