TikTok pet groomer turns abnormal pup into giraffe

It’s a big job!

A California-based groomer went viral for turning dogs into various creatures, including tigers, zebras, unicorns, and giraffes.

Among his great accomplishments, which can be seen on his TikTok page, Gabriel Feitosa, 29, Cooper was able to transform a Goldendoodle into a giraffe.

Cooper, the Goldendoodle, after Feitosa works his magic. Tick ​​tock

Feitosa, who starred in ABC’s “Pooch Perfect,” said he found his “creative inspiration” from emojis and video games. According to Feitosa, “adventurous” owners usually split up which color schemes they want from him and the groomer takes it from there.

“Dogs kept me from growing up on the streets and definitely saved me from getting into trouble,” Feitosa told Jam Press. “It’s safe to say that dogs saved my life.”

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