TikTok person reveals trick to see FULL LIST of what Google is aware of about you

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A TikTok user revealed a trick for viewing the full list of things Google knows about you.

Trish who bears the name TikToktrishkabobshared her trick as part of a video trend asking people to share the random facts they only know because of their jobs.

In Trish’s case, she works as a digital marketer and has more insight into the world of Google than the average person. She says, “I don’t think anyone realizes how invasive Google is.”

If you are wondering why you are seeing the ads you see online, there is a website you can access to see all of the information Google knows about you personally.

Trish says, “There is actually a website where you can see all of the assumptions that Google made about you based on your previous searches.”

This is how you do it.

  • Sign in to a device that is signed into your Google Account.
  • Go to adssettings.google.com
  • You can then see every assumption Google has made about you and why you are seeing the ads you are seeing.

Based on your searches, Google will guess your age range, gender identity, and even if you have children or not. It also shows your interests based on all of your previous searches. Kind of creepy!

You can edit these and disable the personalization of ads entirely.

Watch the full video here.


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