TikTok person discovers ‘scary’ phenomenon in yard of latest condominium: ‘Get a safety system’

A TikToker goes viral after discovering a supposedly “movable” chair in the back yard of their new apartment.

The bizarre story comes from a college student who posts under the username @radnasty. In a series of new clips, TikToker shared their experience with a “scary” problem outside their building.

In the first clip, which saw more than 2.5 million views, @radnasty stated that she and her roommate moved into a unit on the first floor of a building. Behind the building was what @radnasty called “nothing but forest”.

Back in this forest they saw a chair that stood strangely far out in the forest. However, a few days later they went outside and saw that the chair had shifted – right next to their balcony.

In the video, @radnasty asked TikTok viewers what to do with the bizarre chair that appeared to be moving with no explanation.

Always loving a saga, TikTokers quickly latched onto @radnasty’s dilemma.

After the initial video, @radnasty continued to post updates, including a tour of the balcony and the chair’s original location. However, the additional details only put commentators off even more.

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“You’re going to end up on a crime show,” wrote one user.

“Get a security system,” added another.

“You have to move,” wrote another.

With all of this, @radnasty seemed less upset than most of their commentators. In another follow-up video, they explained how she and her roommate transported the chair to a dumpster, where it has remained ever since.

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