TikTok of grandma dancing lands Faculty Station lady on TV

Meghan Reily’s TikTok of her grandma dancing to Willie Nelson reached thousands of people, including Kelly Clarkson.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Like most people, Meghan Reily of College Station is a huge TikTok fan.

“It was a way for me to keep myself busy,” said Reily. “I only used it for entertainment only, never with the intention of having a viral video.”

Reily joined the video sharing social media platform in early March 2020 when she started working from home. She regularly publishes TikToks documenting her life, which has brought her to more than 154,000 followers.

“It’s very surreal that I went viral for posting the most random videos,” said Reily.

Many of Reily’s TikToks feature her grandmother Martha Wilson, whom she calls “Gaga”. Reily said that Gaga’s videos are often her most watched and she tries to encourage her to create her own TikTok account.

“Gaga is my best friend,” said Reily. “We do everything together. She taught me how to play the banjo and in two steps.”

Reily posted a video of her entering Gaga, who is dancing alone to a jukebox playing Willie Nelson’s “Blue Eyes Cry In The Rain”.

“It was so cute because Willie Nelson’s music is a way for me and my grandparents to bond,” said Reily. “This song in particular is the song of my grandma and my grandfather.”

Reily’s grandfather David Wilson died of leukemia in 2018. She said listening to Nelson and taking two steps is a way for Gaga to still feel her grandfather’s presence.

“It was heartwarming because it was like he was dancing with her there,” said Reily.

The TikTok has more than 500,000 views in the app. Reily said she had received a lot of positive feedback from others, as Gaga used to remind her of her own grandparents.

The video even caught the attention of some big names on television. Kelly Clarkson saw the TikTok and invited Reily and Gaga to their talk show.

“As you can imagine, I was totally overwhelmed,” said Reily.

Reily received a direct message on TikTok from a producer on the Kelly Clarkson Show. She said she was initially skeptical that it was the real deal, but after further discussions, she accepted the invitation.

Gaga and Reily shot the episode on January 28th.

Due to COVID-19’s security policy, they were unable to travel and speak in person on the TikTok. However, they were able to hold a video conference with the show to chat with the American idol himself.

“I really think I blacked out,” laughed Reily. “I really think I blacked out because I can’t remember what I said.”

Getting struck by a star didn’t end with Clarkson. Brad Paisley, who was also a special guest for the same episode, came out early to speak to both women.

Reily said she was lucky to share one of the greatest experiences of her life with one of the greatest people in her life. She didn’t have any plans for the video to reach so many people. She just wanted to share an intimate moment of her life and that of her grandmother.

“I am happy that my video can touch other people,” said Reily.

The episode of Gaga and Reily will air on February 10th. Click HERE to check out the local deals.

MORNING don’t miss a special performance by @BradPaisley just in time for #ValentinesDay 💗 PLUS Christine Chiu from #BlingEmpire! pic.twitter.com/cxiYQbXRVx

– The Kelly Clarkson Show (@KellyClarksonTV) February 10, 2021

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