TikTok Music — Secrets and techniques that every one bloggers ought to know

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Music on TikTok isn’t just a feature, it’s an opportunity to grow your creativity. Lil Nas X tried the TikTok trend and hit the wave of success with his song “Old Town Road”. As a result, the song topped the charts in the US, UK, Canada, Norway and most other countries. Mainly thanks to this song, the performer has 17 nominations for prizes in prestigious competitions and charts.

Lil Nas X explains his achievements with a good understanding of internet trends, including the work of search engines, social networks and the TikTok platform, which is newly popular in the USA. This American rapper knows what music TikTok people are ready to find and download. And he follows your needs.

There are many cases similar to Lil Nas X already occurring today, and more are expected shortly. The platform offers the most convenient conditions for promoting music, especially when it comes to creative beginners. In this post, we’re going to tell you how to use your music on TikTok and what requirements it should meet.

How do I use music on TikTok?

You are free to use music on TikTok, but there is one condition you need to be aware of – make sure it doesn’t violate anyone else’s intellectual property rights and service rules. Any track that is not yours is against the rules of intellectual property. That means you have to be the only owner. The song you are performing may not necessarily be yours if it was recorded for free using a program that clearly states so in the terms of use.

As a result, you can download any music that is yours. If it belongs to someone else, before adding your music to TikTok, make sure that the co-owner is not making a claim or request for removal.

There’s no need to download sounds or excerpts of songs that are missing from TikTok: it’s easier to use a third-party video editor and add an audio track to the finished, recorded video clip. In addition, a lot of music can be missing due to the reluctance of the performer. Some tracks will be detached from the video even if added using third-party methods, but they won’t go away on their own.

Here are some more important requirements for using music on TikTok:

  • Music must not infringe another person’s intellectual property rights. Otherwise, you risk removing audio from your video or even permanently banning your account;
  • Adding music doesn’t automatically make you the owner. First you have to acquire the rights to it; otherwise it can be used and modified for commercial purposes without the request of others;
  • Nobody should apply for your job. You can only download an audio track with the consent of all of its owners;
  • After downloading a piece of music, you can no longer complain about copyright infringement about others. Ownership of these fragments is transferred to the users via the platform, also for use outside of TikTok;
  • It is your responsibility to notify the label, co-owners and all rights holders of your works of the upload to the system as it is legally a partial transfer of ownership;
  • You have the right to complain and defend your intellectual property rights by emailing [email protected];
  • Inadvertently downloading music that infringes intellectual property rights as a result of a complaint can only punish you, not be sued. This frees you from liability offline.

All of this should make you think about responsible use of music on TikTok. So do things right.

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