TikTok mum or dad ByteDance begins hiring for doable push into semiconductors

The outstanding Chinese startup ByteDance Ltd. has begun recruiting for a potential foray into semiconductors and is exploring an extension that goes well beyond the successful TikTok video app, for which it is best known.

The Beijing-based company has posted at least a dozen semiconductor jobs, including hardware and software engineers in cities like Shanghai and Beijing. A company spokesman confirmed it is hiring talent while researching initiatives in the area, including building server chips based on Arm Ltd. designs.

Founded by Zhang Yiming, ByteDance is the most valuable startup in the world due to the success of TikTok and its domestic clone, Douyin. The company, which was last valued at around $ 180 billion, is said to be considering an IPO for some of its Hong Kong companies, including Douyin.

Zhang deals with chips that have become a top priority for the Chinese Communist Party. During the National People’s Congress earlier this month, the government pledged to spur spending and research into cutting-edge chips and artificial intelligence to vie with the US for global influence.

Baidu Inc., the dominant search provider in China and a rival to ByteDance, recently raised $ 230 million for its AI chip business before the business was potentially spun off.

Companies like Google, Amazon.com Inc., and Apple Inc. have all worked to customize silicon as they expand into new areas. Efficiency and security gains are among the main advantages of manufacturing application-specific hardware.

ByteDance’s foray could help produce chips tailored to process the data and make AI recommendations for its stable number of social apps.

This story was published by a wire agency feed with no changes to the text.

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