TikTok movies of full face wax immediate warnings


Related experts have warned of a trend at TikTok in which people in front of the camera are doing full facials with “hot wax”.

The videos show people covering their face, mouth and neck with soft resin before partially penetrating their ears and nose with the product. It is then allowed to harden before being removed, pulling the hair away from the face.

Paper strips protect eyelashes and eyebrows.

The Netherlands-based barber shop Kapsalon Freedom, which has posted multiple videos of the treatment, has gained nearly 850,000 TikTok followers since sharing that footage, with one of its videos being viewed 19.4 million times.

However, the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) has issued a warning against this type of waxing. They said, “Trying to grow your nose or ears is not recommended.”

In a statement shared with the Standard, Dr. Anjali Mahto: “Social media platforms have the ability to quickly spread health and beauty trends through the use of hashtags and challenges, but one thing that is rarely talked about is whether these trends are actually good for you.

“Waxing sensitive areas of your face should always be approached with caution, especially if you are trying to do it yourself. Waxing is a traumatic process for the skin, especially sensitive areas like the eye area. “

Dr. Mahto added that these areas can become inflamed and irritated, and in some cases tiny pimples or pus-filled bumps can develop.

“Trying to grow inside the nose or ears is not recommended as it can damage the skin deep within these cavities and cause ingrown hairs and inflammation known as pseudofolliculitis barbae,” she said.

“Not only that, but completely clearing your nose of hair removes a natural protective layer against bacteria and germs.”

Concerns about the risk of suffocation also emerged when TikTok was asked to add a warning to this footage.

“Our first consideration would be that there might be a choking hazard,” Alex Echeverri, who works at the John and Ginger Salon in West Sussex, told the BBC.

“There is no control element to suffocate the face with wax. And wax hardens. So it could become hard in the airways and must be surgically removed.”

It led to #TheGorillaGlueChallenge, where people used the strong substance on themselves to prove that the glue wasn’t strong.

Len Martin, an aspiring rapper from Louisiana, taped a red solo mug on his lip for not believing Ms. Brown was telling the truth and included the hashtag #gorillagluechallenge on his video.

He has since said he was concerned that people will follow the trend.


“I thought she was just playing around because I didn’t think it was that serious,” Martin told the WKBN.

“I thought I could somehow lick it off to moisten it and take it off right away, but that didn’t work.”

“This is definitely not one to try. Let’s just stop it now … It’s very harmful, ”said Martin.

The Standard asked Kapsalon Freedom for a comment.

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