TikTok mannequin’s fury over airport test

One TikTok user has documented how concerned she is when going through airport security because scanners cannot identify her gender.

Trans woman Rose Montoya shared one of her “better experiences” with the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in a viral TikTok video. Seen nearly 20 million times, the model said her recent visit to an airport set off alarm bells because of the “anomaly between her legs”.

Ms. Montoya, who is legally recognized as female in her license, said this always happened when she was scanned at airports, which made her “immensely afraid” when approaching security.

Trans woman Rose Montoya said she was traveling through a US airport (left) when she set off alarm bells that went through the security scanner. Source: YouTube / TikTok / Rosalynne Montoya

When the TSA security officer asked Ms. Montoya if she had anything in her pants, she replied “no” and was asked to go through the scanner again, which she “failed” again.

“So I told her that I was trans and that I just wanted to knock myself off,” explained Ms. Montoya.

“And her solution was to ask if I would like to be scanned as a man instead. I didn’t do it, but in the end I did. “

In another video on Youtube, Ms. Montoya said the TSA agent replied, “Oh, you’re one of them, we’ll scan you as a man instead.”

While allegedly being scanned in a male environment, Ms. Montoya said her breast implants set off the alarm.

“I tried to make a joke of it and I said, ‘Don’t worry, it’s just a bunch of plastic in there,” she said.

‘I am a woman’

Ms. Montoya then explained that the guard insisted that she be knocked down and asked if she would like a male security guard to complete the review.

“I absolutely didn’t tell her … I look like a woman and I am a woman,” said Ms. Montoya.

“If I tell you that I’m a trans woman, it probably means that I don’t want to be called a man or felt by a man.”

People going through TSA security checkpoints at US airports

As a trans woman, Rose Montoya said she always “failed” scanners at airports because they only record two genders. Source: Getty Stock

In a follow-up video, the woman suggested how TSA can get “better” by not including people at brith in their gender identity.

The story goes on

“TSA needs to remove gender bias from their scanners and they should also believe me when I tell them I’m a trans woman and don’t want to be scanned by a man or scanned as a man because I’m not,” she said.

Ms. Montoya said the idea that all people fit into gender stereotypes is not realistic and that “transphobia is ingrained in every power system” in the US.

“We should stop imposing gender roles and try to force people to fit into boxes that nobody really fits,” she said.

Rose Montoya on YouTube in conversation with TSA

Rose Montoya was asked by TSA to share her experience and suggest how she could do “better” for the trans community. Source: YouTube / Rose Montoya

“Transgender people shouldn’t be expected to integrate into cis-normative image standards.

“Not all of us want to switch or take hormones or have an operation, and that is valid.”

Ms. Montoya said TSA headquarters reached out to ask her to share her experience of scanning as a trans woman and to hear her suggestions on how the trans community could travel less intrusively through such checkpoints.

“I’m incredibly grateful that I was able to speak to TSA headquarters today to share my story and offer suggestions on how they can do better. I hope this makes positive change,” she wrote on YouTube.

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