TikTok makes uncommon assertion after Milk Crate Problem backlash

TikTok “bans” dangerous content? This is new to us.

TikTok responded to the viral, bone-breaking Milk Crate Challenge by saying that they will “remove” such videos from their platform.

The low cost, high impact stunt is to stack a row of plastic milk boxes in stairs, then climb up and down the other side without breaking the pyramid or your rib cage. Very few who attempted this feat were able to maintain balance on the unstable structure.

Doctors, meanwhile, watched in horror, expecting to see an increase in the orthopedic injuries associated with the challenge.

Fast Company reached out to the video sharing platform for a comment on the latest death defying trend for their app – and it seems they aren’t overly entertained.

The Milk Crate Challenge sparked a surprising reaction from TikTok.Tick ​​tock

“TikTok bans content that promotes or glorifies dangerous actions, and we are removing videos and forwarding searches to our community guidelines to deter such content,” said a statement from the social media platform. “We encourage everyone to exercise caution in their behavior, whether online or offline.”

The succinct statement comes when the #milkcratechallenge received more than 9 million views on TikTok on Tuesday afternoon, according to Fast Company – before the app apparently removed the hashtag entirely from its platform.

Dozens of individual Milk Crate Challenge videos went viral in just a few days, including one with none other than New York’s Finest. Yes, the people charged with the safety of their communities are also accused of engaging in indiscriminate acts of donkey farming.

The official failed to complete the challenge, but his run received more than a whopping 15 million views on Tuesday. The NYPD, meanwhile, offered its own version of the stunt.

“We encourage all of our officials to be positive and proactive with the community,” the department said in a statement after the video surfaced.

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