TikTok loophole has customers’ movies exhibiting on different web sites with out their information | Investigations

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – There’s a good chance you or your teen has a phone on hand.

If your child is a regular contributor to TikTok, then you need to see what News4 Investigates uncovered: How easy it is to post and use for pornography.

It may seem completely innocent and a way of getting noticed.

“There’s this new desire to be out there in a different way and get that instant fame,” said Bruce McCully, cybersecurity expert at Galatic Advisors.

But what is only supposed to be published on TikTok is picked up and published in places that were never expected.

“You now have the option for anyone to record this video. Once you’ve recorded it can go anywhere, ”McCully said.

“Some of the things people post, I think I don’t know what your career is, but this might come back to bite your butt,” said Madelene Kraft, a student at Lipscomb University.

The headlines on The Rolling Stone and Buzzfeed describe pornographic videos going viral on social media without user consent and how there is a predator problem.

What can you do to make sure your videos aren’t showing up in places you don’t want them to be?

News4 Investigates found that it’s not as easy as other social media sites like Instagram or Facebook.

There are privacy settings at TikTok.

You can set up parental controls or adjust your settings so that only people you know see what you post.

There is one more thing to note here. Without the right security settings, anyone can even determine your exact location.

“There’s information about your geocoordinates and stulls like this that they can use to pinpoint who they’re talking to,” McCully said.

On its website, TikTok stated it was committed to protecting the privacy of its younger users.

Which begs the important question, if someone can steal them, what is being done to protect their images?

TikTok has not responded to emails or messages from News4 Investigates in weeks.

It’s up to college students like Kraft and be careful what you post.

“Nobody is going to send me videos or even a video that I’m in and send me a random video that says I saw you in it. I’m very careful about that, ”said Kraft.

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