TikTok Launches its Self-Serve Advert Platform in Canada

TikTok announced that its self-service ad platform is now available to all companies in Canada. This is the latest addition to its growing business thrust.

As explained by TikTok:

“”Today marks a significant milestone in the development of TikTok for companies in Canada. We’re introducing new advertising solutions for SMBs that enable brands to connect seamlessly, easily and efficiently with the TikTok community. In Canada, with the launch of self-service advertising tools and the availability of TikTok’s new Shopify channel, we’re continuing our support for advertisers at every step of the campaign creation process. “

As you can see above, TikTok’s self-service platform looks very similar on other social networks and will be largely familiar to social media managers who have campaigned in the past. TikTok actually announced the global expansion of the platform last July, so it appears to have been available to some Canadian companies for some time. Now all brands can run campaigns through the platform.

In addition, as TikTok notes, TikTok makes its Shopify channel available to retailers in Canada in addition to the US.

According to TikTok:

“The channel will help Shopify merchants across the country create and run campaigns that target the dedicated TikTok community. Through this partnership, we are making it easier for Shopify merchants to harness the creativity of the TikTok community and optimize their marketing campaigns. “

The new options will significantly expand the digital marketing possibilities on the platform for Canadian brands, which could open up new avenues for promotions in the emerging network.

TikTok is also hosting a virtual summit for Canadian businesses next month that will include workshops, training, and interviews with business owners and TikTok experts to help brands get the most out of the platform.

TikTok has also determined that it has committed to paying its fair share of taxes in Canada and will transfer all relevant operational functions to its Canadian entity over the next several months.

With the platform projected to reach 1 billion users in 2021, TikTok now needs to firmly establish its business foundation to maximize its revenue opportunities and ensure that its top developers can effectively monetize their efforts. If it can keep these influential users happy, it will go a long way in maintaining profitability over the long term while generating business income will further solidify the business.

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