TikTok is obsessive about this man’s hidden, comedian book-themed ‘secret room’

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In the past year, the “TikTok secret room” has developed into its own bizarre corner of the Internet.

Here users of the app show the hidden rooms and mysterious passageways in their house – be it a secret beauty room, a “haunted” closet or an entertainment center hidden in a wall.

Now Jay Richardson is joining the trend. The TikToker is currently going viral for its wild secret space tour and it’s pretty easy to see why.

Richardson’s video, which has nearly 600,000 views, begins in what appears to be an underground living room. But when the TikToker presses his hand to the fireplace, he shows that there is much more going on.

As it turns out, the wall in Richardson’s clip is a secret door. The TikToker opens the passage and enters the hidden room that represents the utopia of a wild comic fan.

There’s a full bar, fake phone booth, and life-size statues of Superman and Spider-Man. Richardson is showing a Batman-themed home theater and arcade game station. Oh, and there is a ping pong table too.

TikTok users were both impressed with the room and utterly shocked by its existence.

“Excuse me what?” One user wrote.

“Not what I expected,” added another.

“Can I live there?” asked another.

“Seriously, that’s so great,” wrote another.

It is unclear whether or not Richardson owns the house as he credited a different user in his video. Anyway, it goes without saying that we are extremely jealous of whoever decided to build this place.

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