TikTok Is Obsessed With The Prepdeck For Meal Prep

Somehow, TikTok has become the most expensive app on my phone. It seems like every time I scroll, someone tells me about a product that I just can’t carry on without buying it. And while I don’t always give in to the pressure, this kitchen gadget that claims to make meal preparation a breeze could be getting my money.

It’s called Prepdeck, and as PEOPLE Magazine pointed out recently, TikTok has been obsessed with it lately. This station is designed to have everything you need to start preparing meals. Prepdeck claims to have 45 different functions and we honestly believe it! It comes with a cutting board, 15 microwaveable prep containers with measuring marks, a removable trash can, a storage place for utensils and some multi-purpose tools such as grater, zester, juicer, slicer, garlic grater, vegetable peeler and much more. Think of this as a kitchen counter, cutting board, plastic container, and more. In addition, every part is dishwasher safe!

Prepdeck recipe preparation kit and storage


$ 149.99

$ 124.99 (17% off)

Of course, the folks at TikTok love it too because it’s so chic and functional. And it seems like the folks at Amazon agree. “I absolutely love this product! Why didn’t I think of it?” one person wrote. “I bought this for my daughter (for Christmas, but I couldn’t wait!) And she was just singing praises for this prep station! The materials are high quality and the ease of use is amazing. Much thought has been put into this product and is so well organized. Easy to use. Thank you for doing something with quality and pride in the workmanship. “another person wrote.

Now, thanks to a $ 25 voucher, you can pick up a prepdeck from Amazon for about $ 125. In the event that this is a little outside of your price range, Amazon has some similar versions with fewer features, such as: B. This cutting board with removable compartments for $ 40. How for cooking the food? Well, that’s still up to you!

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