TikTok Is Freaking Out About Lizzo’s ‘Elite’ Burrito-Consuming Methodology

There was no apology video from Lizzo. In a second burrito video she posted on TikTok on September 22nd, she doubled her side-to-side approach to burrito-eating from the standard end-to-end approach. First, the famous vegan sprinkled some vegan ranch dressing and some truff hotter sauce in the middle of a burrito that was wrapped in a spinach flour tortilla. “You are about to get all of the pieces that are in this burrito. You won’t get the bread and the other bread, ”Lizzo said, pointing to each of the ends of the burrito. “You will get all that stuff.”

Lizzo explained some of the benefits of working your way through the middle of a burrito first. Once you’ve sawed the burrito in half with your teeth – you need to open wide to make this possible – you have two half burritos with easy access to the good stuff inside. Lizzo said she’d be happy to save half for later.

Commentators had more appreciation for Lizzo after her second burrito-eating video. “Now I’m fucking in the mood for a burrito. I definitely eat it medium-sized,” said one commenter. However, many commentators suggested that Lizzo would have been better off simply cutting the burrito in half. Lizzo was ready with a firm answer: “Nooooooooo.”

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