TikTok Introduces In-App Enterprise Artistic Hub

TikTok launches Business Creative Hub, an in-app resource that provides guidance and inspiration for companies getting started on their platform.

TikTok gives anyone the opportunity to go viral on their platform with simple, crazy, or weird content. For many brands, it’s hard to understand where to start taking advantage of this completely different video trend – as it requires a different approach than other platforms. However, the main problem many face is the lack of inspiration for posting new content.

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To help them, TikTok is launching a new in-app Business Creative Hub, a free resource available to all TikTok Business account users that provides guidance, inspiration, and best practices.

TikTok’s Business Creative Hub is an extension of the TikTok business account launched last year that allows businesses of all types and sizes to create a TikTok profile, build their branding with organic content, and grow their business with various tools available. Business account users can access real-time metrics, audience insights, calls-to-action, and more for free.

First, switch to a business account to get to the Business Creative Hub. You will then find the Business Creative Hub in the “Business Suite” section in the “Settings and privacy” menu of the app. Once activated, you can explore the Business Content Guide and Video Showcase, which is constantly updated.

TikTok describes the Business Content Guide as a “cheat sheet for any business to easily use TikTok” to promote a brand.

In addition to inspiration, content strategy tips, storyline ideas, and tips for recording videos, it also provides practical tips for businesses to get the most out of their business account. This includes setting up a profile, the best times to post on TikTok, tips on moderating content, and much more.

It also shows success stories for brands to see how others do.

The Video Showcase features three curated feeds of trending TikTok content that has been popular in a specific country over the past 30 days.

  • Trend: business, shows videos from other business accounts in the same country, sorted by the total number of likes they have received.
  • Commitment: business, shows a similar selection of popular content for business accounts, but is ranked by engagement level based on the ratio of comments to video views.
  • Trend: community, shows videos of all account types, sorted by the total number of likes received.
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