TikTok Has A New Woman Duo On The Rise And They ‘Aint Afraid’ To Shine

DETROIT, MI / ACCESSWIRE / March 08, 2021 / The world has a fair share of amazing artists, girl duos, girl groups, and girl bands. But the world didn’t expect it to be done the way these TikTok stars do!

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The next big duo, Aint Afraid aka TwinSZ, is the world’s first multi-talented Muslim girl singing and rap duo, made up of twin sisters Straingth and Wizdumb, commonly referred to as multi-talented double dose openness. With over 600,000 followers on social media platforms, this dynamic duo strive to create art to project positive messages in a way that people will listen. And trust me when I say the world is listening.

Aint Afraid’s work has been described as a bursting harmonious blend between such great talents as Lauryn Hill, Normani and Alessia Cara. If that wasn’t enough, they are often referred to as the Muslim CardiB and Muslim Beyonce. As they grew up, they were introduced to all kinds of genres including Michael Jackson, Musiq Soulchild, Fugees, and Black Eye Peas.

Vogue Arabia has identified her as “The New Generation of Black, Female, Muslim Presenters”. Her work has been viewed more than millions of times on her social media and her comments are full of love and appreciation for the Aint Afraid platform. They are known for their synchronous dance performances, entertaining flows and bold fashion looks. As they preach positivity, share their beliefs, and work for change. There is no question that they are phenomenal. Nothing so great happens overnight, however. How did “Aint Afraid” come about?

As twin sisters, it’s no surprise this duo has performed together all their lives. Encouraged and cared for by their mother (an artist herself), these artists have a lot of history and build their experiences in music. Before starting the name Aint Afraid, the sisters were well known in their communities as extremely community-minded young people and used their talents to do so.

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“We’re used to being the only Muslims in the room.” Says WiZdumb live on her Instagram.

“It’s bitterly sweet, we are grateful to be a voice for people like us, and we look forward to the day when more voices sit at the table.” Says Straingth live on her Instagram.

They were deeply involved in their Michigan community, making headlines and history. They were the first duo to receive the “Young Citizen of the Year” award in their district. This annual award is traditionally given to one high schooler per year. Not surprisingly, Straingth and WiZdumb broke the custom.

This would not be the last time either. Just a year after starting their online presence at Aint Afraid, the sisters became the first Muslim women to be featured in MAS Con (an annual convention attended by more than 20,000 people). They did this without having recorded any music at the time. That would change soon, however.

As the world went through the shock of a Covid-19 pandemic and nationwide quarantine, Aint Afraid took time to process her new reality as a performing artist and then “jumped right into the booth,” says Straingth.

Aint Afraid released their first singles in summer 2020. They planned to release their first music video for their single LBP by Aint Afraid ft. Ventaged. Unfortunately the video failed, but the world was still lit up by a visually captured TikTok of the girls performing the routine for LBP during the day of shooting. This went viral on all social media and is the song they are most recognized for today.

This viral song caught the attention of many including the record labels, although at that point they chose to remain independent. In a TikTok with over 300,000 views, Aint Afraid tells how discussions about potential business projects with these record labels brought their music plans to a standstill.

In the same TikTok, they excitedly announce the release of their latest single, Bonnie and Bonnie. A hymn for best friends around the world. As of February 26, 2021 of release, Aint Afraid has been sharing videos of best friends using their song to create content.

Reading through the comments under their posts it is obvious that the fans are ready for more aint afraid music. And Aint Afraid delivers.

On March 19, 2021, Aint Afraid will have released their long-awaited freshman album Ain’t Afraid. The duo Ain’t Afraid describes the album as challenging Self Love, Share Love, Spread Love while not being afraid of it, “says WiZdumb. Click here to pre-save the album now.

In collaboration with the record label We Can Be Music, Aint Afraid will promote the album with a free Virtual Music Festival, which is scheduled for March 27, 2021. Follow Aint Afraid on any of their social media platforms for the latest information.

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Among many things we’ve seen from this twin sister superstar duo, one important thing is to be noted; no matter who you are, you absolutely can!

Check out Aint Afraid’s music video for their latest single, Bonnie and Bonnie, a release from their upcoming album.

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