TikTok Hair Hacks — Greatest Hair Hacks from TikTok to Attempt

The only thing you can rely on about my hair is that it does what it wants – when it wants to. I have hair that is a mix of curly and wavy hair and it always has extra volume. I’ve spent most of my teenage / adult life styling my hair to do what I want it to do. I rarely thought about what to do to keep my hair healthy. So when I delved into the world of healthy hair on TikTok and came across the best TikTok hair care hacks, I learned a lot of great tips, some of which I’ve heard over a while, but I’ve never been brave enough to use it to try.

Well, I can now say that these TikTok hair hacks are 100% worth your time. See my favorites!

TikTok hair hacks

Don’t wash your hair every day. I see – this has been discussed for a long time. The claim is that washing your hair every day removes its natural oils and dries it out. I work out every day so I found it disgusting not to wash my hair after a workout, but figured if there was time to walk around with dirty hair, it would be during a global pandemic. My hair feels great when I only wash it two days a week, I condition it regularly, but there is a huge difference in how my hair feels now that I cut it back when I wash it. Lots of people discuss how hard water and hot water both negatively affect your hair, which is what I’m working towards.

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Wash hair properly: Oh yeah, my mind was blown when I learned that I’ve washed my hair the wrong way all my life. According to the world of TikTok, shampoo is only for your scalp and roots, you don’t have to lather your ends with shampoo. After you’ve washed your head thoroughly, with much less soap than I originally used, then go down the middle of your hair with a conditioner for your ends. I still feel like my hair is clean when I get out of the shower and I no longer use conditioner.

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Invest in shampoo: So I really wanted the world to be wrong, I wanted to try this chic shampoo and conditioner only to find out that this one time purchase was a waste, unfortunately I’m wrong. I was really impressed with the way the product foams, which means that one small product makes a big difference. I love the smell and there is no doubt how soft my hair feels after one application. Olaplex No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner, 8.5 fl oz

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Brush your hair when it is dry: Since I have semi-curly hair, I’ve heard a lot about brushing my hair. Most recommendations are to only use a hair picker when you first get out of the shower and then not to touch it. I learned a few tricks from the TikTok elite. First, I learned to never brush your hair wet – when your hair is wet it is at its weakest point, brushing can lead to excessive hair breakage. Also, don’t just put a brush on your hair and go down, you should be very aware, focus on your tips first and then work up. Not only can brushing your hair help reduce tangles, it can also help increase hair growth and help distribute your hair’s natural oils more evenly.


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Heat protection is your friend: I’m starting to look at heat protectant as a hair care moisturizer – it should be applied every day regardless of how you style it or not. This was an excellent video that really shows how these products make a huge difference. After seeing this trend, I will admit that I didn’t spray my bread with a heat protectant before toasting, but I am a visual learner and have increased my use of these products.


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Sleep with your hair protected: I sleep like a crime fighter with criminals who come at me from all sides, and in the morning my hair will tell you all about the adventures of that night. If you’re like me, you probably put your hair through a lot while twisting and flipping. So by tying them back loosely, you can avoid hair breakage. There are several recommended ways to tie it back, but the key point is to keep the style loose.


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Avoid Tight Ponytails: While ponytails and messy buns have always been a staple for my hair, especially on those days when you just don’t want to do anything special, some Tik Tok videos can illustrate exactly where you will see a break after putting it in can ponytail. Don’t get me wrong – a ponytail is always going to be a style I use occasionally, but I certainly think twice about how often I wear my hair tightly.

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Get Regular Cuts: For the past two years I’ve decided that I want longer hair, ideally I’d like to grow 6 inches overnight. To my surprise that didn’t happen and going to my stylist scared me a little. So TikTok helped end the debate on my head – will a cut help with hair growth? The answer is yes and no. Trimming your hair doesn’t increase the rate of growth, but once you have split ends it’s game over, you’d better trim that hair to make sure the damage doesn’t get worse.

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Dry your hair with a t-shirt: I understand this trend seems crazy, but it doesn’t cost anything to try so of course I did. I love this video because it explains step by step how to tie a shirt over your hair to dry it instead of using a towel. Using a shirt is a softer fabric and when your hair is wet it is most vulnerable. So this should help reduce breakages that a heavy towel can cause.


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Hair growth tips: I’m really amazed at how many videos there are all about having healthy hair and increasing its growth. Some additional tips include weekly hair masks, hair oils, scalp massages, and the use of satin pillowcases. Ultimately, these tips provide you with ways to keep your hair hydrated and reduce breakage. I can assure you that despite these tips, my hair still hasn’t grown 6 inches overnight, but I think my hair is getting healthier and I am ready to be patient.


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