TikTok hack for making non-toxic cleansing resolution with orange peels

  • TikTok user Marta Tarallo shared how she makes a non-toxic cleaning solution.
  • The solution only needs three ingredients: orange peel, vinegar and water.
  • Melissa Maker, a cleaning expert and founder of Clean My Space, agrees with this hack.
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TikTok loves an eco-friendly cleaning hack that turns leftover orange peel into a non-toxic cleaning solution, and a cleaning expert gave the trick her seal of approval.

Beauty and zero waste blogger Marta Tarallo described the steps to create the solution in a TikTok video that has been viewed over 400,000 times at the time of writing.

Tarallo first places the orange peel in a mason jar and instructs the audience to let the peel soak in the container with the vinegar for about three weeks.

She then filters out the pods with a funnel and recommends that the audience compost the remains of the fruit. Next, she adds water to the glass with the orange-fortified vinegar and uses the solution. She shows how to easily wipe down a kitchen counter with it.

Vinegar solution

Tarallo uses the solution to clean your kitchen counter.

Marta Tarallo / TikTok

Since Tarallo originally posted the video in May, other TikTok users have shared their thoughts on making and trying out the simple, non-toxic orange vinegar cleaning solution.

It’s also inexpensive because a little bit of the orange and vinegar mixture goes a long way. Tarallo told Insiders that she does her solution “every few months”.

A cleaning expert says the recipe is effective and can be adjusted to use different fruit peels instead

Melissa Maker, founder of Clean My Space, told Insider that you can easily switch the recipe to other citrus peelings that you have on hand instead, like lemon, grapefruit, or tangerine. And you can even swap out the vinegar if you don’t have one.

“You can also mix dish soap (1 teaspoon) and water (2 cups) and use that instead of vinegar with the bowls,” she added.

The maker said this recipe is an effective detergent because “adding orange peel to vinegar not only helps the vinegar smell good, but also increases its cleaning power as the vinegar absorbs some oils from the orange peel.”

Maker echoed Tarallo, the insider said that in her experience the fruit always helps make the vinegar smell less pungent.

“Trust me when I say the vinegar seriously smells like the fruit you picked!” She said. She fills her glass “with the peels of about 3-4 citrus fruits”.

Non-toxic cleaning hacks are very popular at TikTok

Professional cleaners often share non-toxic, eco-friendly kitchen cleaning hacks on the social media platform.

In October, Allison Nelson, a Denver-based professional cleaner, shared a two-step hack to clean your microwave using water and an optional disinfectant.

Another TikToker, Kacie Stephens, the owner of Sydney-based cleaning service The Big Clean Co, shared a chemical-free method of cleaning a greasy oven door in December. All it took was a little baking soda and a lot of elbow fat.

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