TikTok hack claims to cease folks tasting Tequila solely

A TikTok viral hack claims to steal the taste of tequila, much to the fascination and confusion of many who wonder why they even do something like this in the first place.

Image Credit: TikTok

The internet has provided us with many wonderful things, and some of them are tequila based. For example, if you want a popular tequila cocktail recipe, there are a number of quirky and wonderful creations for you to try.

However, a new TikTok trend is focused more on taking the taste out of tequila than on improving it.

Yes, TikTok users are currently part of a hack trend that purports to remove the tequila flavor altogether.

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While it is undoubtedly an interesting trick if it works, the question remains, why would anyone drink tequila if they didn’t like the taste in the first place?

That was certainly the opinion of many commentators.

“[Watching] the smart ones at TikTok “invent” a new way to minimize the taste of alcohol by adding baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), salt, and sparkling water. AKA: the literal ingredients of club soda. ”One wrote.

“I drink tequila to taste the tequila …” added another commenter.

What do you think? Interesting hack, or just have a drink?

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