TikTok Genius Shailen Vandeyar Runs the Largest TikTok Model in New Zealand

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There are around 700 million TikTok users on this relatively new social media platform that is the seventh largest in the world. Those are impressive stats that pale in comparison to the most important ones like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. This opens the door for those who use the platform and enjoy first-mover advantage in a number of niches and markets. One person who took advantage of this opportunity is Shailen Vandeyar.

This ambitious tech entrepreneur is making waves around the world when it comes to talent management, branding, and creating viral social media content. Thanks to him, countless brands have grown their audiences and gained more leads. As the person who runs the largest branded account in New Zealand, Shailen has to be doing something right. Although he lives in a small country of around five million people, he does great things.

In fact, Shailen’s TikTok page @laugh has over 1.2 million followers, which is an incredibly impressive result even for TikTok. In fact, it’s one of the biggest pages on the social media platform right now. This page has some of the funniest content there is. No wonder they have become as popular as they are today.

Shailen is an expert in building a large social media presence and dedication, which is further rewarded by social media algorithms. His exclusive strategies and tactics have helped numerous brands grow and expand their audiences, resulting in the companies behind these brands making greater profits.

While trying several of the major social media platforms, Shailen has had the greatest success at TikTok, where the use of 15-second videos provides a unique way to spread and create viral content that helps brands get by Switch zero to hero.

In order to achieve the success he enjoys for himself and his customers, Shailen has gone through many trials and errors. Over the years he has perfected his approach to creating viral content and what to do to make engagement explode. Every challenge and obstacle he faced just helped him make it clearer about what did well in attracting an audience on social media. Today he is an expert in growth hacking on social media, which is why he wants to help as many brands as possible increase their social media presence.

Shailen’s success story can inspire others to unlock success the way it did. Out of clients, he learned the ropes on social media to have clients all over the world. His strong work ethic and dedication to grinding help him become incredibly successful today. If you’ve been looking for a social media growth strategy that you can emulate, look no further than Sheilen.

You can learn more about Shailen Vandeyar by going to his website. You can also follow his TikTok viral page @laugh.

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