TikTok customers select utilizing the social community over watching TV sequence

Are you using your time wisely? According to a study, TikTok users seem to prioritize the time they spend using the application. And while it affects the time they spend watching shows or listening to podcasts, it is time well spent.

This new study sheds light on the many facets of user behavior and why brands benefit from this attitude. We take stock.

Your time is precious. TikTok wanted to find out more about its users’ behavior and the time they spent using the app by conducting a study in collaboration with Kantar that was conducted among more than 7,000 users in the US, Canada, the UK and France in March 2021 became, Germany, Italy, Spain and Indonesia.

The positive side

According to the results obtained, TikTok users enjoy their time on the social network: “They come to TikTok for the community, stay for the creativity and leave happy and inspired. People love the positive experience our platform offers, so keep scrolling and delving deeper. They are more attentive and committed, ”said the Chinese giant.

The social network has actually used the pandemic to become the most popular platform of the moment. So much so that the application was the most downloaded in 2020.

A selection of applications

The study also found that users spent more time on TikTok than on podcasts, TV shows, reading, accessing information, or checking other social networks and dating apps. Overall, 35% of users say they spend less time watching TV or videos since using TikTok, while 45% say the same about dating apps.

The Chinese platform also has the ability to captivate its users. 46 percent of them say they use the application without any further distraction. In addition, the large number of videos motivates many users to take action. 60 percent have learned a new recipe or DIY project and 59 percent want to find out about current events and trends.

According to the Kantar study, 67% of users who consult TikTok with family or friends send videos, 66% participate in a hashtag challenge and 65% participate in a trend. Sixty-one percent of them message their friends, 57% are learning new dances, 56% are filming TikToks, and 55% are creating original content.

Gen Z and TikTok

Such behaviors are beneficial for brands, TikTok points out: “Users find a constant stream of happy entertainment, unleashed creativity, and endless inspiration tailored just for them. It’s a positive experience that encourages people to have fun and get active – and for brands, TikTok’s proactive population can have a huge impact. “

Generation Z is most involved with TikTok, says the social network: “And in some markets such as the US, Canada and Europe, Generation Z drives the most off-app purchases on TikTok.” Researching or purchasing a product after viewing an ad on TikTok.

Forty-one percent of this generation’s users say they’ve heard fewer podcasts since signing up on the platform, 33% admit they’ve watched less television, and 50% follow a YouTuber after watching TikToks. – AFP Relaxnews

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