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TikToker reinvent mashed potatoes with potato chips! — Image courtesy of partyshirt via ETX Studio pic

PARIS, Jan. 18 (Reuters) – The origins of mashed potatoes can be traced largely to France in the mid-17th century, but they have become a staple in many cultures, including Americans, English and Irish.

Now TikTokers are getting bold as they embrace this culinary classic with their own twist.

Several users of the Chinese social network think they’ve found a good way to reinvent it and you’ll never guess what they use as the main ingredient… potato chips!

A packet of chips. A pot of boiling water. Boil five minutes. And that’s it.

Some TikTokers are having fun revising the mashed potato recipe into a version that’s more decadent in terms of calories.

Her trick is to rehydrate potato chips and then enhance the concoction by mixing butter and cheese.

Whether it’s a box of Pringles or a bag of Lay’s, these home cooks have tried all sorts of different brands and flavors of chips to make this side dish fun and whimsical.

Barbecue, onion, dill pickle… some TikTokers even boast of this technique as a trick to get a flavored puree.

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Variations on this recipe have been trending on TikTok throughout 2021 and will continue to go viral on the video-based social network in this new year. Some of the most popular videos on the subject have been viewed over five million times.

While this recipe may inspire many home cooks, mashed potatoes have enjoyed an upscale renaissance over the past decade, thanks in large part to the late, Michelin-starred international Frenchman Joel Robuchon.

The chef had turned mashed potatoes into a true monument of French cuisine. He advised only using firm-fleshed potatoes like rats and never peeling them before cooking.

It was also necessary to add 250 g of very cold butter for 1 kg of potatoes. The creaminess is perfected with milk and a blender is taboo.

To get the desired tender texture, the legendary chef recommended straining the mashed potatoes through a sieve.

Culinarily trending on TikTok, this chip-based mashed potato recipe is not very innovative, as the chefs are in the process of rehydrating a potato that lost its water the first time it was cooked in the fryer, testifying to the interest in mashups in all areas, here in the truest sense of the word.

TikTok is full of cooking recipes and hacks, and mashed potatoes is a recipe that lends itself well to a variety of real tricks. The latest method is to mash potatoes against a grill to easily remove the skin and avoid the hassle of peeling. — ETX Studio

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