TikTok customers are sharing their superior style in a brand new development

A new phrase has hit social media and there is only one thing to say about it: “The girls who get it get it and the girls who don’t do it don’t”. The Soundbite went viral on TikTok and even Twitter. Out of context, TikToker @khaenotbae spoke the now iconic phrase straight into the camera while she was in her car. “I literally told you that the twitterers eat shit, the girls who get it get it, and the girls who don’t don’t. Obviously, you don’t get it because you’re not that girl, “she said.” You understand? “The tone has since been used in over 41,000 TikTok videos. Women use it to explain their habits and decisions that others may not “When someone tells me I’m dressing like an old lady,” @maykalinu said in a caption, her lips syncing to the sound as she flaunted her pearl earrings and necklace

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