TikTok and Toho group up for the TikTok TOHO Movie Pageant 2021 – entries now open

Short film application TikTok and cinema company Toho Co Ltd have announced a new film festival – TikTok TOHO Film Festival 2021 – to discover new creators and give the film industry a boost. The contributions are now open.

The TikTok TOHO Film Festival 2021 is a collaboration between TikTok and Toho with the aim of discovering and promoting creators with great potential. In addition, Adobe Co Ltd will partner with the festival as part of the event and provide all attendees with access to Adobe Stock materials and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Actor Takumi Kitamura is the official ambassador of the film festival, while filmmaker Takashi Miike, videographer Tomokazu Yamada and TikTok creator Shinnosuke will be the judges.

Creating filmographs and watching high quality videos has never been easier as smartphones and content sharing applications have become widespread among individuals.

‘Vertical video’ is a newer type of media that is rapidly gaining popularity using SNS applications like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. It still has room for development and has the potential to create and expand a new world of visuals.

The aim of the TikTok TOHO Film Festival 2021 is to discover new talent from all over the world by using a platform that anyone can participate in.

The festival is open to everyone who has a smartphone. The winners will receive support for the production rights for new videos produced by Toho as well as for production subsidies. To apply, simply post your video on TikTok with the hashtag #TT 映 画 祭 2021.

Left to right: Ambassador of the Takumi Kitamura Film Festival, Judges of the Takashi Miike Film Festival and Shinnosuke

TikTok TOHO Film Festival 2021

Applicants: people over 13 years of age. Both individuals and groups can apply

Application deadline: By May 31, 11:59 p.m.

Application method: Submit the video to TikTok using the hashtag #TT 映 画 祭 2021 (multiple submissions are accepted).

Recommended vertical video size: 9:16 (those to be published on TikTok)

* Videos should be within 15 seconds to 10 minutes

* If videos are longer than 1 minute, please upload them separately and describe the videos as “project name / video number”. so that the number of videos can be understood.

Price departments

Grand Prix Prize: Will be determined by the judges

Audience award: Determined by the number of views and likes in the video post

Available prices (1 available for each division)

Grand Prix winners:

300,000 yen in prize money plus the rights to create a new video for Toho sponsored by their production companies. The winners will receive support for spending during video production.

It is assumed that the video is oriented vertically and is approximately 5 minutes in length. The current production period should take place sometime between July and August 2021 in Tokyo. Filming is scheduled to take a day, but the winners are expected to attend the pre-production meetings and post-production. The final piece will be published on TikTok.

Audience award

200,000 yen in prize money.

10 runners-up will also be offered a free 12-month Adobe Creative Cloud plan.

The award ceremony for the TikTok TOHO Film Festival 2021 will take place in Tokyo from the end of June to mid-July 2021 and will be broadcast live on TikTok LIVE. The final results will be announced and the prizes will be awarded at the award ceremony location.

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