TikTok and Canada’s Nationwide Display screen Institute companion for Indigenous creators program

PRINCE ALBERT – Indigenous people with a passion for expressing themselves online can apply for a new program to promote their creative content.

TikTok Canada and the National Screen Institute have teamed up to create the TikTok Accelerator for Indigenous Creators program.

The new online part-time training program is designed to help Indigenous amateurs expand their TikTok presence and develop a way to expand their video production, film and television skills.

“It is designed to empower indigenous storytellers to share their stories, acquire some storytelling skills and advance their careers beyond that,” said the CEO of the National Screen Institute of Canada, “said Joy Loewen, CEO of the National Screen Institute.

Thirty applicants are accepted into the program at the same time. Also, they must be a current TikTok moderator on the platform with more than four public posts in the last 30 days. The number of followers does not apply.

“We strive to support and raise indigenous voices every day by providing a safe and inclusive platform for creators,” said Lindsay Lynch, community leader for Creator and Partnership for TikTok Canada.

There are no application fees to apply for the program and training is free for successful applicants. Applications are accepted online.

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