TikTok Algorithm Coincidentally Detects a Person’s ADHD earlier than Anybody Else May

The TikTok app accidentally discovered that a 23 year old user had ADHD and no one else found out before the app.

Tiktok is an app that allows users to share and create short clips with a time limit of 15 to 60 seconds.

Videos on the social media platform range from a variety of topics, from singing, dancing, DIYs – whatever, and TikTok has it.

At first, people didn’t think much of TikTok, but more and more users began to enjoy the app and the rest of the world experienced a huge FoMo – fear of missing out. As a result, TikTok had over 689 million active users by the first quarter of 2021.

How does the TikTok algorithm work?

The TikTok algorithm creates a unique personalized form of feed where the app slowly determines the type of videos its users are interested in based on the short clips they double tap or like.

The app encourages users to spend more time scrolling as they are interested in every video that TikTok presents them, making it easier to find creators and content that every user loves.

TikTok posted a statement mentioning that TikTok’s For You feed is unique to each user. There are no two identical For You pages as each user has a unique taste and preference.

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TikTok algorithm

A 23-year-old TikTok user, Matilda Boseley, is an avid user of the app, which means that the algorithm has already figured out what she likes and likes best.

She mentioned that everyone around her missed all of the ADHD warning signs that she manifested for 23 years. But somehow the TikTok algorithm was able to figure out their mental state in just a few days.

Matilda said she felt left behind as everyone around her was getting on with her life better than she was. She felt awful when others remember her deadlines, appointments, and plans, unlike her who daydreams in the middle of meaningful conversations.

She added that she seriously thought about having ADHD once she downloaded the app. She mentioned that TikTok knows her well – almost more than she knows herself.

Tiktok: Establishing ADHD

TikTok is a smart application that introduces different types of videos in the first few days of usage to help determine the preferences of its users. Boseley stated that every time videos showing how to diagnose ADHD in women showed up on her FYP, she watched them the whole time and ended up liking them.

Because of this, TikTok was slowly adding more and more videos about ADHD to their FYP.

TRIGGER WARNING: Compilation of ADHD-focused TikTok videos:

Little by little, she saw ADHD videos of women for the first time. Boseley felt like she was finally getting in touch with someone because the videos told of everything she had ever felt – which for some reason she couldn’t put into words.

She finally booked an appointment with the doctor. Three referrals, four months, and nearly $ 700 later, her new psychiatrist finally brought the news: She has ADHD and has had it all her life.

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