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TikTok users are crazy about rice water, whether for skin or hair. – Image by 5./15 WEST / Getty Images

NEW YORK, September 12 – Who needs cosmetics with endless lists of ingredients when our kitchens are full of wonder ingredients? We ask ourselves that every week when we discover the latest beauty tips going viral on TikTok. After frozen cucumbers and sugar hair removal, the latest trend is rice water, which is wowing social network users, be it for its hair or skin benefits. So what are you waiting for? To your kitchens!

Should Beauty Brands Be Worried? TikTok is teeming with its most ingenious users with ideas for a more natural beauty routine using ingredients not found in the biggest cosmetic stores but in your refrigerator or pantry. The latest example is rice water, which is causing a stir on social networks. Hundreds and hundreds of videos have emerged praising the benefits of an affordable kitchen staple that we are all familiar with and that has been used in certain cultures for centuries.

Like many traditional tips and folk remedies, rice is back in the spotlight as a beauty booster, especially for combination and mature skin, not to mention dull hair. In fact, there are already 409 million views for the hashtag “#ricewater” and its derivatives – #ricewaterforhairchallenge, #ricewaterforskin, #ricewaterforhair, #ricewaterforhairgrowth – are already numerous. The beauty virtues of rice water, known in Asia for centuries, have caused a storm on TikTok, especially since this particular beauty hack doesn’t bring any major difficulties or dangers – which is not the case with all TikTok beauty tips on the social network discovered.

Shiny hair, flawless skin

TikTok users seem to agree that rice water is particularly effective at making hair stronger, shinier, and even making hair grow faster. To try it out for yourself, nothing could be easier. Just soak the rice in cold water for a few hours – although there is a second variant that uses the water in which rice was cooked. Next, pour the water into a spray bottle or regular bottle and store it in the refrigerator. Then, after you’ve shampooed your hair, all you have to do is apply the rice water to your hair, let it sit for a while, rinse and … discover the result.

With nearly 500,000 followers, a user named Abbey Yung (@abbeyyung) is one of the many TikTokers who have resorted to all sorts of tutorials to show us their take on this age-old (or almost) trick. And it seems to be a hit because the video has already been viewed more than four million times.

But rice water is not only good for dull hair, because it also promises to mattify mixed or oily complexions and works against loss of firmness and signs of aging (virtues that we reported on a few months ago). While videos on the benefits of rice water for hair are most numerous on TikTok, users still seem to appreciate the many choices that this skin care ingredient can offer. And so, TikTokers make rice water their newest lotion, toner, and even mask. However, the basic idea remains the same. You soak the rice in water – whether cold or simmering – and then use the cloudy liquid it creates as part of your beauty routine.

A subtle variation in the trend also appears to be emerging. Some users make rice water ice cubes to enjoy the added benefits of the cold on the skin, as demonstrated by this user Elona (@elonaldn). TikTok has already used the benefits of the common cold with skin freezing and frozen cucumber to fight acne, among other things. – ETX Studio

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