This TikTok Tour Hilariously Nails The White Girl Aesthetic

It is a universally accepted truth that a white woman need not be short of word art with a blank wall. ”Signs that read” Live Laugh Love “. Canvases with “Dream Big” scrawled on them. A small board that announces Mama’s preference for wine, not whining. Some may call it cheugy, but some people just know what they like … and the internet has discovered someone who likes word art more than maybe anyone else. In a meanwhile viral video from TikTok user @ kaitw__12, her friend gives a tour of the “house of his white mother” on TikTok.

The two-minute video, viewed more than 1.3 million times at the time of going to press, shows a tour of @ kaitw__12’s friend’s mother’s house. Kaitlynn, identifying herself on her TikTok account (despite appearing as Kait on Twitter), is behind the camera and can be heard giggling occasionally.

“Hello!” says her boyfriend (she identified him as one in a later video), already giggling. “And welcome to my white mother’s house … home, sweet home.” Then he points to a welcome mat that says “Home Sweet Home.”

What follows is a tour of a house absolutely covered in word art. Imagine the wall art department of the largest housewares in your area. It is like that, plus probably a dozen other characters they don’t. From word art that relates to the room (“Let’s Cuddle” over a bed; “Gathering” and “Eating” in the dining room) to inspiring memories (“You are smart, you are nice, you are important”) very classic “LLL” makes the personalized tour a lot of fun.

Social media responded to this cornucopia of signs with sympathy, joy and amazement. But above all, good-humored giggles … including the “white mother” herself!

In a follow-up video, Kaitlynn revealed her boyfriend’s mother (via a photo in which, of course, she was holding one of her famous signs) and dispelled two main errors. First, the mother mentioned above is actually not a white woman. Kaitlynn describes her as “mixed” and shows pictures of her with her black father. Kaitlynn also wants everyone to know that “Mom” is really loved.

“I promise that it is not as messy as many of you think,” she said in the follow-up. “She’s a very good woman, she just loves signs.”

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