This TikTok of Paris Hilton apparently blanking Kim Kardashian’s calls goes viral

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton have always had a complicated relationship. From Kim’s assistant in Paris to her later feud, they went through a lot to get where they are today: friends and mutually respectful icons. That’s probably why this TikTok, which shows Paris seemingly hiding Kim’s calls, is going viral. And it’s wonderfully wild.

The clips were posted by TikToker Shannon Burns, who discovered a video Paris posted talking about how to empty people by claiming you have multiple phones, something she gave Kim in an old clip seems to say.

Burns begins the video by saying, “Okay, this is so funny to me, Paris Hilton just posted a TikTok reading from her book on How to Be an Heiress and she said, ‘Never just have a cell phone when you can have many. Keep losing one. That way, if you haven’t called anyone back, you can blame the lost phone for it. “

Burns then says that this reminds her of an older clip of Paris and Kim together, where after the greeting, Kim says, “I texted you earlier? I think I got the wrong number.”

To which Paris replies, “I have about five phones, so it could be one of those” before giving Kim a very cute smile. Yikes

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The video quickly went viral on TikTok and people loved Paris because it was the icon it always was.

One person commented: “Her tone with her made me dead. She stands by her word 🤣” and another wrote: “Paris is always 5 years ahead of everyone.”

We all agree. Iconic as ever.

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