This TikTok mother from Texas is all of us proper now

The native Fort Worth American, known as @ash_lay on social media, told mySA she actually started creating videos in 2016 when the app was still known as It wasn’t until about two years ago that Soto began to really focus on the mother community when her daughter entered her teenage years. She said it helped her cope with the transition.

“I wanted to make content about what was going on in my life. I think it was how I treated my daughter that turned into a teenager.”

Soto’s “Teen Content” received positive reviews from other moms and even teenagers who found their videos relatable.

“I thought I know I’m not the only person going through this, so I’ll keep doing this,” she told MySA.

In addition to her teenage daughter, the TikTok mom has two other children, a toddler and an 8 year old.

How does the mother of three manage to create content? She said she no longer planned her content. Instead, it focuses on what is happening.

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“It’s really just on the move. Like two weeks ago, my daughter had this drama with these three girls in her school and so I was like I knew that mothers can relate to the teen drama. And sometimes I’m just like that upset with the drama at her school because she’s struggling with these girls and what they say to her to make me feel like it helps me vent me by making a video about it. ”


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Soto’s “mother content” ranges from teenage drama to the new mother. Aside from being the source of laughter for her eight million followers, Soto says her goal with these videos is to normalize motherhood.

“I’ve fallen like people just see motherhood as something to be done, and it’s just normal. But they don’t see how hard it is. A lot of mothers are mentally and physically exhausted for working mothers and stay on Home mothers, “she said. “People just look at us and think we have it all together. I wish mothers were more appreciated and understood.”

While her videos are mostly weird, Soto said she really wanted to highlight the mental health implications motherhood can have.


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“I always do everything into comedy and the other day I was trying to think, how can I tell where I am because I’m mentally exhausted,” said Soto. “How can I get this out of there without people feeling sorry for me? Because I don’t want to. I feel like when I do something like that, the comments are always like ‘Oh my god, I’m so sorry’ and it’s me I just want you to understand how drained I am. “

The pandemic has really drained mothers, me included.

In February the New York Times started a series entitled “The Primal Scream”. It was about an anonymous hotline where frustrated mothers could just give a good scream, vent, or just say “f — it”.

“We hope this series serves as the primal scream for America’s mothers, a visual representation of their struggles. We show all of the chaotic, heartbreaking moments of everyday fear and chaos and the rays of joy that can sometimes shine through, the NYT piece says,” When nothing else, we want mothers to know that someone is listening. “

Letting moms know someone is listening is why Soto encourages other moms to start a TikTok.

“For all of the mothers out there who are scared of being out there – don’t. There’s a whole community of mothers who have their backs and will understand. It’s a really good place to vent,” she said. Don’t be afraid of being out there, especially if you stay home mom, and you are lonely. Mom Tok is a great way to make friends. It really helped my loneliness. ”


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