This TikTok May Have You Believing Austin Powers Is Operating In The Federal Election

Election campaigns can get pretty wild, so if you saw this TikTok and thought that Austin Powers was competing in Canada’s 2021 general election with the slogan “make Canada groovy again”, nobody would blame you for anything.

Darcy Tiderman posted a video of his Winnipeg neighborhood on TikTok and the bogus campaign sign he made for the fictional International Man of Mystery party candidate that he placed on his lawn. Narcity spoke to him to find out all the details about his hilarious contribution to the election.

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Tiderman came up with this idea after seeing Austin Powers a few times. He thought the tagline “Make Canada groovy again” was something the character would say. He mimicked the style of other election campaign signs to make it look real, and his friend developed the party’s name and logo.

“It’s just something people can laugh about when they drive by,” he said.

The Austin Powers sign isn’t the largest in the neighborhood, but Tiderman has placed it in a spot on his lawn where it’s easy for people to see. He often sees people taking pictures of the sign and his neighbors have told him they really enjoy it.

“2020 was a tough year and 2021 is reasonably tough, so it’s nice to get people talking, gathering together and having a quick laugh,” he said.

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For the 2019 federal election, Tiderman had a campaign sign with Darth Vader as a candidate for the Your Galactic Empire Party.

He got the idea of ​​something similar that he had seen in Ontario and kept it on for two election cycles but retired for 2021.

“I wanted to set a different mark for each election year,” said Tiderman. He told Narcity that he already has ideas on what to do in the next election!

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