This TikTok Cookie Hack Is Good For Creme Brulee Lovers

This creative way to make sugar cookies requires the sweet treats to be prepared according to package directions—but when they’re done, don’t wait for them to cool. Instead, create a small crater by gently pressing the center of the cookie with a small spoon to make room for whatever comes next (via TikTok).

Then spoon the vanilla pudding – also prepared according to package instructions – into the heart of your sugar cookie. Once the craters are filled, you should prepare the cookie for the penultimate step by pouring sugar onto the custard-filled crater. The recipe’s creator says it’s best not to skimp on the sugar at this point, especially if you have a free hand with the sugar, you can also create that crackling, crystal finish that crème brûlée is known for (via Allrecipes ). And once your sugar is spread all over the crème brûlée, it’s time to light the pooch with a kitchen torch, so you coat the custard under a layer of crispy, crackling, congealed sugar.

While this recipe works best with sugar cookies, Allrecipes says you can also use this method to make sizzling sugar-coated chocolate chip cookies, gingerbread cookies, or snickerdoodles.

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